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CompuScan Imaging Solutions, Inc.

CompuScan Products brings productive to you our customer!!!

UBiQuati EDMS (electronic document management solutions) for networks and website access. Our UBFormsflow product provides active signature based workflow for customer forms.

Our software provides these features and more: Scanning, indexing in 5 methods, retrieving in four methods, printing, emailing, workflows, retention reports, auditing reports, importing, exporting, swapping, scheduling, ODBC linking to CORE applications including GIS (Maps)  and records management module.

Scanning Services

Customers contract their documents to be scanned in Dallas, TX. As CompuScan preps, scans and indexes as customer instantly views their documents via our UBWEB Cloud. Customer may continue service or at anytime bring it inhouse we will offer the appropriate licenses.

Our customers are represented from Coast to Coast and have experience with 15 years of great products and service. Our company products are coded for both large and small companies. Our philosophy is to help our customers with outstanding product and professional services. This philosophy of adding Professional services and annual updates provides longevity our customers desire. "Our customers tell us that we surpass all of there expectations in quality and customer service!” Depending on the opportunity CompuScan provides direct and indirect customer product pricing, Company Branding,  and Subscription opportuinites.

CompuScan Sales call: +1 (817) 430-3333
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CompuScan’s UBiQuati EDMS (electronic document management systems) products provide solutions to all your document needs both scanned and electronic. UBiQuati provides you the customer with the power to develop and manage all department applications for active and inactive documents. UB Form flow process produces active records through a workflow process, passing resulting electronic documents to UBiQuati document management. In addition UBiQuati controls all aspects of paper document capture, indexing, viewing, retrieving and printing of stored documents. Our solutions are highly secured allowing communication with customers, other ODBC compliant databases, and stands the challenges of industry compliance. UB is offered as a purchase or subscription:

Retreiving documents is a big cost factor. Paper is not readily available can take up to 20 mins to 2 days to acquire. Customer service and access to vital records is hamstrung costing you thousands of $$$ over a years time. We solve this with digital instant access from a browser with no refiling!

Through our demonstration we will discuss collaboration and how documents will be best served with UB EDMS (scanned or electronically created) software solutions or services. "There is not a corporate department application our solution cannot handle".  We offer Active Forms Workflows and scan/capture documents. UB provides 5 filing methods and 4 retrieval methods handling any document scanned, selected or electronically filed. To enhance UB we provide professional services, software tools (OCR, BarCode and Zonal OCR) to better handle document efficiencies’. Example electronic filing connections ie HR, Accounting and GIS (geographical document to map connections).

Integrity and Security is a major concern with most customer. Paper documents are handled manually can get out of place or even lost. What is the cost especially if it is a vital record? Thousands $$$ to even collapse of your product or company? Its happened. With UB products documents are digitally scanned, stored, backedup and even backedup out of grid. If your down and you have your solution mirrored you can even be backup in minutes. Best possiblity. Besides if you had to backup paper, cost of copying is out of question.

Our customers tell us that we have saved 98% of thier storage and retrieval costs.  Most office space for active and inactive paper document storage is totally eliminated.

Filing equipment and annual services contracts are eliminated. The manpower and insurance costs to manage documents from your offsite storage is totally eliminated. Thousands of $ saved! 

Result of EDMS is both active and inactive "digital documents" now stored on a couple of Hard Drives accessible from anywhere in the world. saving literally 10's of thousands of $$$.

(Testimonial) MAHLE Inc., The World’s Largest Automotive Parts Manufacturer

 Dennis Wheeler, Human Resources  “We selected CompuScan UBiQuati and UBWeb products for very simple reasons: it is easy to use, quick to install and can be used by illiterates like me.  We don’t have to worry about unlocked file cabinets or documents with confidential information or them being seen by unauthorized personnel or worse, lost or stolen!  The system meets FMLA, ADA, HIPAA and other privacy laws.  The file sharing capabilities are saving us enormous amounts of time and money.” to date we have centralized all of our US and Canadian HR records and now working on Mexico representing collectively 1000's and 1000's of employees.

Benefits of UBiQuati Digital SOLUTIONS....

Includes: FREE 30 day open demo on the retreival aspects of UBWeb.

UBiQuati and UBweb

Wouldn't it be great if every office was able to reduce
document management expenses and minimize labor costs?

What if you could provide complete Web and Lan visibility and access to all your business records, regardless of their format or location.

One of the best ways to reduce office expense and minimize labor is through electronic document management. Our solutions at minimum produce's the following:

Reduce Warehouses full of document down to a small hard drive.
Instantly collaborate and retrieve active and inactive documents cutting labor costs.
Increase efficiency with better communications and instant answers to
customers via web or LAN.
Link documents with ODBC CORE applications thus eliminating double data entry.
Secure documents through digital backups instead of copying paper.

Simply the best Safe Secure LAN/Cloud Document Management Solution!!

** Call CompuScan our sales personnel will be happy to demo our products and discuss how your need becomes your solution! **

817-430-3333 or email

Store your business documents:

Diversity of Customers and Applications:

(Electronic Document and Image Management Solutions)

 on UBiQuati and UBWeb for FREE trial- call for Details.

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